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Too bad Roth’s story gives him the heavy lifting

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The White House urged the Senate to act

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Coaching this team, with these kinds of kids, you’re not stealing my joy.”

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In only 50 years their numbers have gone from zero to more than 30,000.

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Jacobs, Southern Methodist Univ., Dallas.

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I was buying a new car and needed the advice of friends

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I always tell my patients to do it "when you see a wall doing nothing'

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He worries now about former teammates who he's heard are not doing well.

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North Dakota has the nation's lowest jobless rate, 2.8 percent, a sign that falling oil prices had yet to cause major layoffs in a state that has benefited from an energy boom

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Saudi Arabia and other major oil exporters have increasedtheir holdings of U.S

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Meanwhile, those who used two or three devices were 50% more likely to sleep for less than five hours compared to those who used just one device

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"This reduced accountability will hinder the implementation of the agreement over the coming 15 years," he said

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Once I come back down, I'll talk to y'all and give you all the information you want

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Silva recalled a discussion about American foreign policy during a high school class he had with Dzhokhar

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Englishman David Gray had already revived the moribund acoustic singer-songwriter genre with his 1998 album, White Ladder (which first became popular in Ireland)

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officials find al-Qaeda chief Osama bin laden, speaks to the media after appearing before the court in Peshawar October 30, 2013.

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“Some companies don’t have the stomach to go all the way, and it’s a very long process.”

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But she added that she doesn’t expect anything from the Israeli government or nation.

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Even before this year, "The Sound of Music" was never far from the popular consciousness

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They said Tuesday that they hoped a compromise could still be reached.

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A plunging neckline can always be relied upon to create a stir and we love this tuxedo detail design by Ralph Lauren Collection

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Square was inside a sandwich shop when the alleged shooter entered

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Roach himself is not a fan of Floyd's ways, either

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The government and the oppositionhave each accused the other of using chemical weapons during thecivil war which has killed 200,000

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“It was a terrific book,” he told me

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“We were robbed, plain and simple.” In Sevastopol, a mood of elation persists.

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Danone, the maker of Activia and Actimel yoghurt, alsoreiterated on Tuesday that it expected underlying sales to risebetween 4 and 5 percent this year, with a slight increase in itsoperating margin.

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Of the 55 buildings with multiple schools that teach the third grade, 33 buildings had a disparity of 20 percentage points or greater in third-grade math proficiency rates

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Congress, where Republicans control both houses.

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The measure is less detailed than in previous years about its cuts

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“I think we needed to go out and throw four innings and to be able to do that today, and on top of everything that has happened, a tough day for all of us.

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He has clashed in recent weeks with some executives at Holcim, said the shareholder, who declined to be named.

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Shareholders who want to stay at the three-bedroom house must submit short essays and prove they own Berkshire stock.

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Meningitis is any of its forms can have deadly results

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"I loved food, eating and cooking and not to be able to derive any pleasure from food was really hard," said Emma.

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The period over which the oil price remains low affects its long-term impact

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"Just by putting the Microsoft name in front of it, the delta for Chrome users on appeal is incredibly high," Capossela said

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But screened and pasteurized milk from a bank is the only option for fragile, premature infants who are hospitalized.


“I looked back, and my depression terrified me,” Galloway told the magazine in an interview describing his return to health

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As they say, if something falls 50 percent and then goes up 50 percent, then it is not back to where it started.And I think that’s the way you really have to look at some of this European data.

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Germany has been "supported by the euro's depreciation", Ms McKeown said.

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The coach furthermore wants to see deadline acquisition James Sheppard at center between Carl Hagelin and J.T

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I’m not sure this is convincing, though, especially after the economic trauma of the past decade

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Improving household formation and the lowest rental vacancies in more than two decades should boost multi-family starts this year.

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Walker agreed about the sacrifice bunt — and then some

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Sharon was also an indirect partner in the Sabra and Shatila massacre

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carriers charge the Gulf airlines are benefitingunfairly from government subsidies


With older trampolines, tears or weaknesses in the fabric can appear in the middle of the mat

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There is thepotential here for disappointment from the Fed," saidLondon-based Trevor Charsley, FX trading specialist at AFEX, aglobal payments solution provider.

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Scarlet fever is a seasonal disease and this is the time of year when the highest numbers of cases are typically seen.

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"I think in both cases, what we're trying to accomplish is take where 40 percent of our games are decided in overtime and 60 percent in shootouts -- ideally we'd like to switch those numbers.

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US scientists decided to look into the link between this and heart health.

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Jacobs suspects that no one really knew what was under that plaster jacket so the fossils remained among other collections for many years.

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Measles is a highly contagious virus that can be serious or even fatal

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