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Troublesome politics overshadow both events
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All I have to worry about are boys in cardigans shuffling up to Mum and asking if she likes Belle and Sebastian
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Homes have 'earned' more money than their owners in almost a fifth of the UK, as the housing market recovery has taken off
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It turns out that if you lack the MAOA gene or have the low-activity variant you are predisposed to violence
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“I think we have a squad in their best moments,” he said
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Since 2008, more than 4,300 people have been tested for the condition during this annual event
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Like previous Republican budgets, Price's plan contains notax increases
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"Now Japanese people worry in their hearts that we will somehow set aside that remorse and those memories, and walk the same path as in the past."
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My worst fear is for my 12-year-old daughter who rides up and down here on her bike."
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"Our revenues have been falling for five years
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Having a book come out about his life in baseball will represent a transition for Alderson and there will be no going back
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"You are not worth the chair that you're sitting on with a statement like that with a disease that touches everybody around the world."
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"Fugro has always indicated that it is willing to discussthe item," the company said in a statement after the courthearing
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If you work hard, this Government is behind you all the way.”
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Pair a biker jacket with feminine pieces such as a ruffled blouse or pencil skirt to achieve your own modern biker chic look.
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"If anything, because it's outdoors and so spread out, it might be a little harder to transmit."
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The Bliss of Mrs Blossom (1968) incorporated a bicycle with 11 seats, made for a football team
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A vacuum caneasily remove the dust from the coils, or you can remove it by hand or withother cleaning devices depending on what’s convenient for you.
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“Those hearings made for great TV, and we got to watch congressmen strut for the cameras and make wonderful speeches,” Hooton said
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What’s more, the food will be served free of charge throughout the celebrations, so prepare for a scrum
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The Mama Africa show has now been performed in venues on five continents, including New York's Broadway
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All were aged between 18 and 55
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American Pharoah (Baffert, Victor Espinoza): Why worry? 3-year-old debut a smash — 6 1/4-length romp over slop in Rebel
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"There are some clouds, but we're sure next year will bebetter," Cemex Chief Executive Fernando Gonzalez told analystsin New York in a conference streamed online

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